Serving all NYSUT Retirees in Jefferson and Lewis Counties

"JLCNR, working together to serve, support, and strengthen our fellow retirees"

Jeff-Lewis Council of NYSUT retirees

Council 9


1. Updated information that concerns retirees across the North County

2. Conferences and seminars pertinent to retirees

3. Opportunities to sociaize with colleagues from the North Country

4. Supporting those who represent your voice in Albany

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NYSUT Retirees Membership Drive

Consider joining Jeff-Lewis Council of NYSUT Retirees if you retired from Jefferson or Lewis counties. Even better, consider joining our Executive Board. We are looking for representatives from a number of districts.

Congratulations to the Recipients of JLCNR

New Teacher Scholarship Awards

Each year the JLCNR - Council 9 presents a monetary award to a beginning teacher from one of our member schools. This year the recipients were Kyle Bronson from Lyme Central School and Olivia Carroll from Copenhagen School.

Co-Presidents Lyme Teacher’s Association: Christina Trottier and Ann Marie Hyde; New Teacher Scholarship Winner from Lyme Central: Kyle Bronson; JLCNR 1st Vice President:  Janice Shepard; JLCNR Membership Chair: Linda Lepper

JLCNR President Lynn Hunneyman,  New Teacher Scholarship Winner from Copenhagen: Olivia Carroll, Rick Morris and

John Cain, President of the Copenhagen Teachers