Serving all NYSUT Retirees in Jefferson and Lewis Counties

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Jeff-Lewis Council of NYSUT retirees

Council 9


Selection Process

Each year the JLCNR - RC9 awards a scholarship to a beginning teacher in 2 of our component districts. if they don't have any brand new ones they can include a teacher who has two or three years experience for the drawing. From there the names get sent in to JLCNR-RC9. At the Executive Board meeting in November, the Jefferson County names are put in a hat and a name is drawn. The same is done for Lewis County. The names of the winners are kept secret until they are notified in a surprise visit by members of the board.


2018 Scholarship Winners

Lynn Hunneyman, President of JLCNR- RC9 has announced the winners of the Annual New Teacher Scholarships.

Aaron Ingerson (l), Lewis County winner from Beaver River Central, is pictured with Kelley Hawksley (c), president of BRTA, and Lynn Hunneyman (r)

Sarah Branch (c), Jeffereson County winner from Alexandria Bay CS, is pictured wih Terri Lowe (l), Co-president of ABTA, and Lynn Hunneyman