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Jeff-Lewis Council of NYSUT retirees

Council 9


Selection Process

Each year the JLCNR - RC9 awards a scholarship to a beginning teacher in 2 of our component districts. if they don't have any brand new ones they can include a teacher who has two or three years experience for the drawing. From there the names get sent in to JLCNR-RC9. At the Executive Board meeting in November, the Jefferson County names are put in a hat and a name is drawn. The same is done for Lewis County. The names of the winners are kept secret until they are notified in a surprise visit by members of the board.


Lynn Hunneyman, Presdient of JLCNR- RC9 has announced the winner of the 2022 New Teacher Scholarhips

JLCNR President Lynn Hunneyman,  New Teacher Scholarship Winner from Copenhagen: Olivia Carroll, Rick Morris and John Cain, President of the Copenhagen Teachers

Co-Presidents Lyme Teacher’s Association: Christina Trottier and Ann Marie Hyde; New Teacher Scholarship Winner from Lyme Central: Kyle Bronson; JLCNR 1st Vice President:  Janice Shepard; JLCNR Membership Chair: Linda Lepper